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I hear that the pastor wants to stick the congregation members. I'm not sure he's going to get any volunteers. I think my congregation here just decided that the IV would be less painful than one of my sermons!

Today we had fun with a vehicle rollover simulator. Rollovers are a significant cause of injuries and death. The simulator is like a ride at the fair. It is the cab from a Hummvee that has been mounted on a machine that spins it on an axis that runs horizontally through the middle. They flip you over, then you have to undo the seat belts and open the locks (they're not normal door locks), then crawl out. After that, you repeat the exercise in the dark.

We had fun, but it's another thing that you hope you don't have to do in real life.

I'll be gone for a couple of days with no access to the internet. So, there will be no new posts for a few days.

Blessings... Randy

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