Larry's Mart - Baghdad Branch

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One of the best ministries that we have is essentially a convenience store in our office.  People send care packages to us, and we stock the shelves with toiletries, snacks, writing paper, envelopes, and other goodies. We also have a bookcase filled with paperbacks, and another shelf full of DVD's that we sign out. On the wall is a dart board, and we have a TV and refrigerator full of cold water and Gatorade.

This has two consequences. The first, obviously, is that soldiers do not have to pay for a lot of necessary items. The greater benefit for us, though, is that it gives every soldier in the unit a reason to come into the office, sit down, and chat for a while.

By the way, Larry is the NCO that manages the office when we're here, and keeps me safe when we're out doing other things. It's easy to spot him when we're together: he's the one with the rifle, and I'm the one armed with the Bible. He's a great guy; remember him in your prayers.

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