Prayer for Good Friday

(Mosaic: Carrying the Cross of Christ by Gabriel Loire)1 It is a sign that we cannot really understand what it means for God to die, that we remember this day when truth and beauty hung upon a cross and we call it good. What our minds cannot comprehend, our words cannot express. So, we can do nothing but stand in silence before the glory and the horror of the cross.

Prayer for Palm Sunday

Holy God, Examine my thoughts on this Palm Sunday. Does my Jesus… Want the very same things I want? Love only the same people I love? Hate all of the same people I hate? Have an agenda that fits too easily into my own agenda? Never say anything that makes me uncomfortable? If so, then what is the object of my worship? Is it a god of my own creation,

The Betrayer

The Lamb of God

(Painting: Lamb by Francisco Zurbarán)1 The sounds of Passover fill the streets with desperate bleating as all the animals must be dragged to play their sacrificial roles. All, that is, save one who goes quietly with determination, strength, and purpose. Lamb of God have mercy on me. Amen Zurbarán, Francisco, 1598-1664. Lamb, from Art in the Christian Tradition, a project of the Vanderbilt Divinity Library, Nashville, TN. [retrieved March 27, 2017].

Who Is My God?

Prayer for Ash Wednesday

Give Me Words of Grace

Thinking a lot about the power of language this week. Here’s my prayer for the week: In arrogant blindness, I fail to see that what does not offend me may still be offensive to those around me. Our words are keys, with the power to both lock and unlock. They can open doors to future conversations or close them forever. They can be vehicles of grace or weapons of hate and destruction.

Prayer for the Silenced

Political Engagement — a Prayer

Lord, hear my prayer. For saying that something needs to be done while refusing to do anything myself, Lord, have mercy. For believing that cries of outrage were the same as acts of love, Lord, have mercy. For letting my own ego keep me from reaching out to those with whom I disagree. Lord, have mercy. For pretending that loving humanity was the same as loving my neighbor, Lord, have mercy.

Prayer for the Fight

We thank God that we are not like the ones who fight with violence and bloodshed. Instead, we fight with words and images, tweets and memes, dollars and budgets. The weapons are different, but the pain is just as real. Lord, If we are to fight, may we fight for something worth fighting for, Not our ideologies, nor our egos, But for what is right, and for those who have no voice.