Bullets and Sleep

The unit had a night fire last night, and returned to the compound (affectionately known as cell block B) last night after midnight. We then got up at 4:00 this morning to go get smallpox shots and the second round of the anthrax shots. They then went to another live fire range immediately after the shots. I’m not sure that giving real bullets to a bunch of ticked-off soldiers with less than four hours sleep is a good idea.

Pray for peace…

One thought on “Bullets and Sleep”

  1. Hap Birth Randy!! You know this is going to be a permanent gag from now on, don’t you?! Expect future birthday cakes to read the same.

    Be glad (I am) you are not out on the range with all those who are short on sleep and mightily disturbed. Stay safe.

    Susan C.

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