Welcome to the Army, One More Time

I teach philosophy at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, Oklahoma, but have recently been mobilized as a chaplain for a unit that will soon deploy to Iraq. I hope to use this blog to let family (especially my loving, and much loved, wife and daughter) and friends know what I am doing.

For security reasons, I will not post specific details, but only general information concerning my experiences as an Army chaplain. Feel free to comment, but also feel free to pray for soldiers, their families, and for peace.

Randy Ridenour

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Army, One More Time”

  1. Your much loved wife and daughter are very grateful that we have such a loving husband and father. We are truly blessed and praying for you and peace.

  2. I am new to blogging so this maybe a repeat of a comment I sent earlier. WEll, Happy Birthday! The cake was a great surprise. Your are missed and Bruce and I pray for you daily. Come home soon.


  3. Randy, I told my daughter about your Blog Site and she wanted to know if she could touch base with you some time. she is transferring to the Pentagon in July to the Reserve Hdq. She is a Major, hoping to pick up Ltc at the Pentagon. Naomi and I pray for your safety and swift return. I think you met Cheryl some time ago. Norm

  4. Hi Randy,

    I am Norm Renfro’s daughter, MAJ Cheryl Caves and plan to pray for you daily. The Lord will provide a hedge of protection around you so you will see many more anniversaries with you beloved. He promises great miricles will happen as long as we believe and you are in the toughest mission field you will ever face. The US Military has very few spreading the Word, so you are a powerful force sent by He who loves us.
    I have a son in law I who is called to the mission field and I have told him where you are is a sea of lost souls in terror and need of the confort of the one true God. You are in the right place at the right time. Beleive that and you will serve Him where He wants you and when He wants you. We never know why we are called, but answer we must.
    Your Sister in Christ the one true living Lord,

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