Randy Ridenour

Almost Finished

Jun 14, 2007

Training is almost over. We just finished a three day exercise that covered base defense and combat convoy operations. Since chaplains can't carry weapons, I was tasked to be on the first aid/litter team for the base defense part and a driver on the convoy. It was fun, but a little stressful. When ordered, we drove our Humvee to the area where the casualty was, began first aid treatment, then loaded up the casualty on the stretcher and drove him back to the field hospital. A treatment scenario went something like this: the evaluator would tell us that the casualty was bleeding from an injury to his chest, and that it was bleeding and making a hissing noise. We would treat the sucking chest wound, then the evaluator would tell us that the casualty was unconscious, then going into shock, etc.

Good training, but I pray that I never have to use it.

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