First Aid

First aid training today… I learned how to give an emergency tracheotomy with a pocket knife, and I gave someone an IV. Only got to practice the IV on an actual volunteer. For some reason, no one would volunteer for the other procedure. Sheri knows that I have a queasy stomach, so I’m really surprised I managed to do the IV. It’s one of those things that I’m glad I can do, but hope I never have the chance.

3 thoughts on “First Aid”

  1. Randy, you have inspired me. Tomorrow, I may have offer a sign-up sheet at church for faithful volunteers to extend their arms and allow their pastor to stick a needle right into the vein. What do you think? Any volunteers?

  2. I read Pastor Mitch’s comment about lining up volunteers to let him stick their arms. I may have to be excused when that day comes. He tosses out a few barbs every Suday, that is enough for me. Stay safe and hydrated, God Bless

  3. Randy,
    Sounds like one of my favorite M*A*S*H episodes! Thanks for keeping all of us informed about your adventures.

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