Yesterday was a slow day. We had a very hard three days at the range, with little sleep. So, we enjoyed a slow day yesterday. I had a prayer meeting last night at 2130 (9:30 pm) and will also have one at the same time tonight and tomorrow. Who said Baptists don’t have revivals anymore! Eight people were there, and we had a good prayer time.

Thank you for your prayers. Things are going amazingly smoothly, both for me and for my soldiers. Knowing that people are praying is a great help. So, feel free to join us these next two days as we pray. 9:30 our time is 1:30 in the afternoon Central Daylight Time. Pray for the soldiers, their families, civilians who are affected by the war, and remember to pray for peace.

5 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. Randy,
    It was good to have you at our Missions and Ministry meeting yesterday. Your quiet wisdom and silent steadiness brought a calm to the meeting we have not seen any many months. When we asked your advice on the direction of that one new project, your suggestion of silent meditation was outstanding. You always know exactly what to say, or what not to say in this case. But, I must ask this question. How can you sit in a meeting for over an hour and not blink – not once. Must be all that military tranining.

    Good luck, Flat Daddy!

    We’re praing for you and the troops!

  2. Randy,

    I’ll add to the Pastor’s comments re: M&M meeting to say that I found it somewhat unnerving to have you sitting there staring at me the whole time! Hope all is going well and know that you will continue to be a blessing to the troops with their many needs. Rick and I miss having someone to “lean” on – and are now faced with an occasional bass “solo” when one of us is missing. Carry on!

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