We made it to our destination, finally. It has taken some time to set up computer access, which is why this post is late. I need to post some pictures sometime so that you can see the difference between Baghdad and Kuwait. We have trees! I won’t talk about specific details of any operations, but I can tell you that the place that I am staying is quite safe. Thanks for all of your prayers, and I’ll let you know soon about the ministries that I will be starting.

By the way, I met a Navy CBF chaplain today!

Praise the Lord for safe travel!

One thought on “Baghdad”

  1. Glad to here you made it to Baghdad. I’m praying for you, buddy. Oh yeah… I moved to Waco and one of my neighbors was in one of your philosophy courses at OBU. I can’t remember his name but he was in the class back in ’99 or ’00. God Bless, man.

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