Sunday Chapel

I went to chapel this morning. For some reason, there is an expectation that the chaplains will attend chapel! It was a good service, although it was a bit strange to see the ushers all wearing 9 mm handguns. Maybe churches at home would have more success in meeting their annual budgets if the ushers would start packing heat.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Chapel

  1. Maybe Mitch could preach a stewardship sermon wearing a pair of pearl handled sidearms; ala; General George Patton. Always enjoyed the good messages from our Chaplains wherever I was serving. Good to hear from you on a regular basis. Thank You for serving. God Bless

  2. I think some deacons probably flash some pieces at SBC churches but that’s just because it’s their constitutional right 😉

  3. Rick & I appreciated you taking time out of your busy schedule to join us for choir practice on Sunday. It was very useful for us to be able to turn and look at you whenever the “Guest” director made a derogatory comment about the bass section – you were accepting & we did sound much improved the next time around!

  4. Randy,

    Love the idea… I will pass that on to John. We are always looking for new ways to raise funds.

    Also, as of Thursday 7-19-07 we became grandparents. Charles Angus Burns… don’t you just love the name. I am not use to it yet but I guess it will grow on me.

    You are in our prayers daily. Keep safe!


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