Being an Army Chaplain

A former student, Caleb, left a comment to one of the last posts. Caleb is in seminary now, and is a chaplain candidate in the Oklahoma National Guard. There is a great shortage of military chaplains, especially in the Guard and Reserves. I’m grateful for young ministers who are willing to consider and accept the call to chaplaincy service.

I need to point out that my blog posts don’t really give you a good feeling for what I specifically do during the day. There are several reasons for this. First, anybody can read something on the internet, and there is information, even unclassified information, that is better left under wraps. Second, I don’t want family members to be unnecessarily worried. (There’s nothing to worry about, Sheri…) Third, well, there are other reasons, but you can refer back to number one…

One thing that I can tell you is something that will give you some idea of the ministry opportunities that come up during the day. I was recently on a trip to visit some of my soldiers who are assigned to a different compound in Baghdad. (I wish I had a better internet connection here; I’ve got some great pictures from the helicopter.) While we were there, I went to visit a combat support hospital. As we parked, we noticed a convoy of humvees stopped in the road. There was a group of soldiers kneeling on the sidewalk, obviously devestated. When I asked them what had happened, they told me that they had been hit by a roadside bomb, and that their Platoon Sergeant had died. I prayed with them, and then they rolled on. I don’t know who they were. They don’t know who I am, but maybe God will use an anonymous act of ministry.

Pray for soldiers…

2 thoughts on “Being an Army Chaplain”

  1. That must have been terribly moving to observe, and be a part of, a spontaneous reaching for God’s hand in a moment of crisis.

    Keep up the good work, Randy. We are all very proud of you and the other soldiers.


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