Ring of Fire

I just finished supper, and have come back to the office. I’m starting a weekly Bible study this week, and we’ll have our first meeting for the night shift tonight.

I’m both amazed and amused how soldiers can take something unpleasant and find a way to lift everyone’s spirits. For example, I don’t know how many of you have had the pleasure of using a Port-a-John that’s been sitting in the sun on a 120 degree day. Trust me, there’s nothing like that first contact with the seat.

One of the lieutenants has written a parody of that old Johnny Cash song, “Ring of Fire” about the joys of the Port-a-Johns:

“I sat down, down, down, on a ring of fire… a ring of fire.”

My problem now is that I can’t go into one without humming that song.

4 thoughts on “Ring of Fire

  1. In Korea and Viet Nam our Port-a-Johns were made with 55 gallon drums cut in half and put in place by opening a trap door in back. They were replaced on a regular basis by the local hired help. Winter time in Korea was as cold as the Artic circle in January. Nothing thrilled a person more than have the trap door opened at the most inopertune time. End of story. God Bless.

  2. Oh Randy! I have to admit, I giggled at your story too. How sad for them. Now I will have that song in my head today too! 🙂

  3. I can vouch for Norm’s story re: Viet Nam latrines – and I just realized that my particular story will have to wait until you get back!!

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