Prayer: The Last Act of a Desperate Believer

War has probably always presented a good opportunity to reinvigorate one’s prayer life. There are some large mosques nearby, and if you are out at the right time, you can hear the call to prayer very clearly. I’ve decided to use the sound of gunfire as a call to prayer. Several times a day, I hear gunfire from somewhere outside the walls, and try to say a prayer for those on both sides of the conflict, and also for those who are caught in the middle.

Life goes on at home for the families of our soldiers, and things happen, both the good and the bad. When the bad things happen, people struggle with feelings of helplessness. They want to be home to help fix things, but feel helpless here.  At those times, there’s nothing left to do but cry and pray together.

May God remind us, as we remind each other, that prayer need not simply be a last act of desperation.

One thought on “Prayer: The Last Act of a Desperate Believer”

  1. Randy,
    Carol and I were driving home one day after a particullarly bad day of bombings in Iraq which were being attributed to sectarian violence and I was expaning to Carol how it was sort of like civil war only different. Having studied our own civil war,she said she felt civil war was perhaps the worst kind. I told that I thought that from God’s perspective all wars were civil and go back to the begining. She said, “I love you”. Go figure. 24 years and I still haven’t figured her out.
    Check your blog every day and its my own call to prayer. God speed my brother.

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