Randy Ridenour

Sunday Is Over...

Aug 19, 2007

We just finished the prayer service at the battalion. This is a big base, and there are a lot of different services for different faith groups. So, there's a service for everyone, but some of my soldiers either don't feel that they can get away from the office, or they don't want to go to the chapel. So, we have our own small service at the battalion headquarters.

Sermon preparation is a challenge here. There just is no time to prepare as I'm sure that my colleagues in the School of Christian Service urge their students to do. Time is not the only problem, though. I'd also like to have access to my office and the library. I wonder if they would let me commute? By the way, my replacement for the year, Dr. Timothy Miller, is taking over my classes at Oklahoma Baptist University starting this week. Pray that he's good, but not too good....

Pray for peace.

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