Randy Ridenour

Bullets in the Air

Aug 21, 2007

It was an exciting night last night. I had a Bible study in the office at 2000, and caught the 2100 bus back to my quarters. I live in a trailer pretty close to the edge of the camp. As I was walking from the bus stop through this open area to my trailer, a firefight (Armyese for "gun battle") broke out outside the camp. I walked along watching tracers shoot through the sky in the distance. Then I looked up in front of me and saw two go by right in front of me. I decided then that the best course of action was to run behind a wall, and wait for the shooting to end.

When I got there, I discovered that others had opted for the same course of action. One of my companions behind the wall was a medical officer with the troop medical clinic. He said that, by the time they travel the distance to our trailers,  the bullets have lost too much velocity to shatter any bones. So, it won't kill you, he said, but they will have to dig it out. I told him that I'd prefer not to get shot at all, even with a slow bullet.

As I was writing this, there were three large explosions from rocket attacks near our offices. I have to say that there has been a lot of progress over the last few months. The number of attacks has really gone down in some areas that had been extremely dangerous. It is still a war, however, and the last two days have been convincing reminders.

Pray for peace, ultimately; and protection in the meantime.

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