Hearing from Home

I had to call the office about a student’s grade from last semester. I got to talk to several people back at the university. It was sure nice to hear some voices from home. I also got several messages and pictures from colleagues.

The best, though, is that I now have a working internet connection in my trailer. So, Sheri and I can make video calls through Skype. It’s nice to be able to see the person as you speak.

All of that makes this war much different from past ones. The possibility of daily communication is a blessing, but it doesn’t always make things better. Once you become used to receiving a call or e-mail every day, then there’s a small feeling of panic when you don’t get one. Another problem that this creates is the problem of too much information. There are probably some things that happen at home that soldiers don’t need to hear, and some things that happen here that families don’t need to hear.

Even so, we’re not going to give up our video calls!

5 thoughts on “Hearing from Home

  1. No, we are NOT going to give up our video calls! They are wonderful! I love to see that wonderful husband of mine!!!!!

    I love you!

  2. I think “Cyber-Space” is a God send. I remember the news of the Viet Nam action coming right into our living room every day. Being able to talk and see a loved one on a frequent basis is a blessing. Thank You for serving, God Bless.

  3. Randy–We enjoyed your “presence” at the faculty/staff back-to-school banquet AND the SCS beginning of school party at Mike & Nancy McGough’s home on Friday night last week. Sheri brought your life-size “likeness” to campus on Thursday night and you got to stay and visit for several days.

    Take care, we enjoy reading your messages! PattyMac

  4. The cardboard cut-out of you as well as the “cut-out” of Dr. Dawson was very funny.

    You are in my thoughts every so often. I am reading this blog to keep that going. I speak to God on behalf of everyone over there when I think of you.

  5. Hey we have skype also. Jerry will have to give you our skype sign in. He would totally love to have a call with you. And our guys would love to hear from you. But truthfully Jerry would be the biggest lug lovin it. Randy we are keepin you in our prayers daily. Shelley

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