Good News and Bad News

As the old line goes, I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news first: it’s boring. I’m on one of the largest bases in the country, and there is very little to do here. I was talking to one of my soldiers recently; and he said that it could be worse, we could be in prison. Then he said, “There’s a wall around us, with barbed wire on top, and I don’t do anything except work, eat, sleep, and go to the gym. Wait a minute, we are in prison!”

The good news, though, is that it’s boring. Excitement, for a chaplain, is rarely good. We have had no injuries, no casualties, and no need for crisis ministry in our unit. As I’ve said in other posts, there have been some opportunities for ministry to other units, but we’re doing fine.

As for the boredom, my DVD library in the office is doing a brisk business. I may regret tossing those western romance novels.

I found a bingo game in the office. I’m planning to have a bingo night in October, if I can get some nice prizes. If anyone would like to donate something, let me know.

One thought on “Good News and Bad News”

  1. Randy i know that you have plenty on pour plate at this time, However thid is someting You should know, Rhonda has had Her routine cat scan and blood work. Then catscan was unchanged however one of the several cancer marker is up by one point, The oncologist said he as seen this many times and can be caused by viral infection(which Rhonda had one week prior to the test) we are hoping this is the answer to our gut wrentching experience. We are both freaked out as we must wait another 3 months to run another series of blood test to find the answer as to the seriousness of our situation. Please share with Sheri our need to have intercessary prayer cover Rhonda in the time of testing. may we find grace in abundance and peace that passes all understanding. As you must know we are all walking on eggshells. my hope and prayer is to be a source of strength and unfailing love to Her regardless the outcome. I can hardly even think of the possibility of loss of half of myself, for The LORD has been faithful to make us one flesh. May the LORD of all creation keep you safe and secure in HIS peace. A thing in short supply in these later days. Know That He must surely be at the door of heaven waiting, for the Father to say GO!!!and return to Me my Remnant. Blessed be the Lord God for ever and ever.

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