September 11

It is September 11, and we took some time out of the day to reflect upon the events that led to our being here. As we did, events happened here that vividly reminded us how fragile our lives are. War and disease both have the consequence of forcing us to rethink our priorities. I am a materialist from a materialistic culture, but the only thing I really want is to go home to see my family again.

Pray for my sister, Rhonda, and her family.

I’m reminded today of an old joke. The preacher said “Everyone who wants to go to heaven raise your hand.” One man never raised his. When the preacher asked if he wanted to go to heaven, he replied “Yes, but I thought you were getting a group to go now.”

Not yet, Lord, not yet.

4 thoughts on “September 11

  1. Randy please get word back to SHERI so that she may in turn enlist as many prayer warriors as she knows, to intercede for a positive report in Rhonda’s test results. As You know we are like drunken men first on one side (HOPE) then to the other side of the road (fear). It is a hard thing to walk this path knowing that The ONE FLESH may be parted and only half left behind. Pleading in the Name of our LORD YESHUA for peace, your brother, mark

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