Thanks, Westwood Elementary!

My unit is honored to have been adopted by the Westwod Elementary School in Oklahoma City. You can view their web page at It means a lot to us to know that people are thinking of us, and want to help. Thanks, Dr. Jan, and all of the faculty, staff and students at Westwood. When I get back from Iraq, I’m going to visit you and give my thanks in person!

One thought on “Thanks, Westwood Elementary!”

  1. Today, we had a faculty meeting to discuss our adoption of you and your guys. We are all very excited; and flat Randy really generated a lot of enthusiasm. We all plan to have our pictures taken with you!

    Jaclyn’s brother (or is it in-law) is a pharmaceutical rep and is going to give us some meds to send to you.

    Sandy went to the post office and got boxes and we are all kind of bummed out by how small they are.

    Jo’s church is giving money to mail the things we collect.

    The kids are going to bring things and write letters.

    We are all pretty excited!

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