Thanks NorthHaven

I am blessed to be a member of a great church, NorthHaven Church in Norman, Oklahoma. The church just moved into a new building, and I’m sorry that I’ve missed the first Sundays there. I was reading the blog written by my pastor, Mitch Randall, and saw a comment left by a new member. She wrote about how she had finally found a home, and I know exactly how she feels. It’s a church that celebrates freedom and encourages thoughtful, open-minded exchanges. It’s a wonderful place to be, and it will be a wonderful place to go home to when the time finally comes.

3 thoughts on “Thanks NorthHaven”

  1. I know I speak not only for myself and Rachael but for all of your church family at NorthHaven. We eagerly await your homecoming! Stay safe.

    Praying for peace!

  2. Randy,
    We miss you. As you have been reading on my wife’s blog, when you get home you have a lot of extravagant things waiting for you … like soft toilet paper, air conditioned bathrooms, and NO SAND!

  3. Randy, NorthHaven, as you are well aware, is housed in a beautiful new building but the “church,” again, as you well know, are the brother and sisters in Christ that meet together to explore God’s directives and follow Jesus’ example. NorthHaven the CHURCH is anxiously awaiting your return to better complete our “family” picture.

    Godspeed and God Bless!

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