I have some updates to things that I’ve mentioned in the past.

  1. I left out the Japanese and the Koreans from my list of represented nations.
  2. The weather now is a gorgeous 100 degrees, with lows in the 70’s. If you don’t think that 100 degrees is gorgeous, visit Kuwait in July. The “Ring of Fire” has now cooled.
  3. The kids at the clinic are still adorable, and my soldiers love visiting there.
  4. We have had our first few soldiers return from mid-tour leave. So far, everyone has had a wonderful time at home. I have about 100 more days to go.
  5. People still struggle with knowing that family members at home are ill, in some cases, terminally ill. It’s difficult enough to go to war as it is. Pray for those who have this added stress.
  6. Most of all, we are thankful that no one has been killed or seriously injured. Pray that we all come home safely.

2 thoughts on “Updates”

  1. Randy,

    I pray with you that you all stay safe. And believe me, I know what you mean about that gorgeous 100 degrees! 🙂 I almost didn’t know where I was the first day the temperature cooled off in Yuma.


  2. Here’s another joke for your collection!
    A man goes skydiving for the first time. After listening to the instructor for what seems like days, he is ready to go. Excited, he jumps out of the airplane. After a bit, he pulls the ripcord. Nothing happens. He tries again. Still nothing. He starts to panic, but remembers his back-up chute. He pulls that cord. Nothing happens. He frantically begins pulling both cords, but to no avail. Suddenly, he looks down and he can’t believe his eyes. Another man is in the air with him, but this guy is going up! Just as the other guy passes by, the skydiver — by this time scared out of his wits–yells, “Hey, do you know anything about skydiving?” The other guy yells back, “No! Do you know anything about gas stoves?”
    School is going well. The paper is coming up Monday to take pictures of my Dinosaur Day celebration. We’re in the process of making 50 TRex teeth out of plaster. Love, Rhonda

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