Randy Ridenour

The Army Ten-Miler

Oct 8, 2007

The Army Ten-Miler was held Sunday in Washington. It is the largest ten-mile race in the world; 26,000 were expected to run. Thirty military amputees ran the race, calling themselves the "Parts Missing in Action" group. A great testimony to the perserverance and strength of will of the American Soldier.

We had an official ten-miler shadow run here on the base. Seven of us ran, and all seven completed the race. The weather over the past few months has made training a bit difficult, and I've had some runs that were interrupted by explosions.

We know, though, that many have come here with the ability to run, and have had that taken from them in this conflict. We may be feeling a little pain today, but there are much worse pains than a little soreness following a ten-mile run.

May God strengthen those who are determined to run again.

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