The trouble with being a chaplain is that you can’t talk much about the details of your work. There are some issues that you could pray for, though. Pray that we will all experience more open communication, find healthy ways to address conflict, and develop renewed attitudes of respect and understanding for each other.

 Pray also for some time to write a sermon for Sunday…

4 thoughts on “Prayer”

  1. Sounds like you could use some lighthearted fun! Go to and search for a video clip called “evangalism linebacker”. It’s a hit with my high school boys. Rhonda

  2. Randy, I remember going to chapel during basic training. It helped so much to be with other believers. Thank you for your service. What kind of things do ya’ll need/want? We are praying – my prayer continues to be, “Prepare him for what he will see; keep him safe.”
    We will keep praying.
    Cheryl Murray

  3. Dr. Ridenour,

    Isn’t great to know that even though we may not know the details of your work, God does and because of that we are able to pray for you and all the soldiers there?! You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.


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