Another Day in the Life…

The events of the day, which was a typical Sunday:

0500 – Wake up, shave, get dressed for Physical Training

0600 – Run with a soldier who asked me to pace him on the 2 mile physical fitness test run.

0700 – Morning chapel service.

0800 – Breakfast with a group of other chaplains.

0900 – Go to the office, have a devotional and prayer time, read the morning e-mail, and come up with a “Chaplain’s Thought for the Day.”

1000 – Walk to all the companies and visit with the troops.

1100 – Counseling session.

1300 – Lunch

1400 – Finish the sermon for the afternoon service.

1500 – Visit with a soldier who is going on emergency leave after the death of his grandmother.

1600 – Practice some hymns on the guitar.

1700 –  Afternoon chapel service.

1800 – Sunday barbecue, visit with more soldiers.

1900 – Talk to some people about resolving an issue with the emergency leave.

2000 – Call Sheri (my lovely wife, who I miss greatly!) from the office.

2030 – Catch the bus back to my trailer.

2100 – Read some more e-mail, post this blog entry.

2200 – Go to bed and get ready to start again tomorrow.

All in all, it was a pretty easy day.


2 thoughts on “Another Day in the Life…”

  1. Randy, I am sorry I don’t post more frequently. Sonds like you have a very busy day even when it is an “easy day.”

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