Different Traditions

One thing I love about the chaplaincy is the chance to associate with, worship with, and learn from people from different traditions in Christianity. Today, I chaired a monthly meeting of the ministers from the various congregations. In attendance were a minister from the Gospel congregation, an Episcopal priest, a Roman Catholic priest, a Southern Baptist, and me. The Episcopalian led the devotional, and we had a wonderful time.

It’s nice to be in a place where denominational differences are used as icebreakers to build bridges to other people, not to isolate us from the rest of the Church. “What’s your denomination?” is a lot like asking “What’s your major?” in college. The breadth and variety of the Church, holy and catholic, is an amazing thing.

2 thoughts on “Different Traditions”

  1. Well-spoken and quite nice. I look forward to having some of that bridge-building at work in the next regime…maybe? Hopefully?

    Hope you’re safe.

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