Cards from Kids

Someone put a bunch of Veterans’ Day cards on my desk. They’re all handmade by some kids at an elementary school. I’ve picked out a few:

Joshua writes,

“I wish you luck. I hope you win. I hope you don’t die.”

Thanks, Joshua, I’m with you, especially on that third one!

Jocelyn writes,

“Hi. My name is Jocelyn Miller, age 10. I hope you have a safe trip to Iraq and don’t get hurt while you’re there and get to come home soon. Thanks for protecting us.”

Alena (9 years old) says “Have a good time! Be strong and brave. Don’t be scared just fight your best!”

Jimmie says “Thank you for saving our country. The veterans are going to Iraq. Have a great time and good luck.”

Jonathan wrote a longer one:

“I know it’s hard over there guys but we are rooting for you and rock on America!! Also if you ever get depressed, tired or rundown just think of this, we’re Americans and we fought for freedom long before this so let’s engrave our names into history as fighters for our country and peace keepers for the world.”

I see a future for Jonathan in political speech writing.

This one simply says,

“Dear Soldier, thank you. We are all praying for you. Love, 3rd to 5th Grade, Eureka School, VA.”

There were many other great cards. We appreciate every one. My thanks to the kids and teachers at Eureka School.

One thought on “Cards from Kids”

  1. Dr. Ridenour,
    Thanks for sharing those. I hope things are going as smoothly as possible for you.
    My younger brother is in the process of training up for deployment. We were in the same unit before I became a chaplain candidate and part of me hates to see him go without me.
    Take care, I pray for you often.


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