Golf in Baghdad

It got cold . Now, we have highs in the 80’s and low’s in the 50’s. I guess that’s not so cold, but it is a far cry from the 120’s that we had in the summer.

It’s funny what people do here for fun. I have to admire the Australians. Their building is on one of the lakes (This used to be Saddam’s hunting preserve. It has several lakes that he had built. I’ve heard that he shut off the water to Baghdad for quite a while to initially fill his lakes.) There is a very small island in the lake, and they have built a small golf course. The tee is on the bank, by their building. You tee off, and try to hit the island. If you make it, you then get into a small rowboat, row to the island, and putt your ball into the hole. It’s a one-hole course. I guess it results in some slow games, since you have to wait for the last person to bring the boat back. No need to hurry, though. Most of us have at least a year…

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