Combat Lifesaver Training

I have survived my three days of combat lifesaver training. The second day was mostly spent learning how to give IV’s. On the third day, we had a mass-casualty exercise. Giving someone an IV in a classroom is pretty easy. It’s a lot more difficult when the patient is on a stretcher on the ground in the sand as other people are yelling and screaming. My patients survived, though, and don’t quite look like human pincushions.

It was good training, but I hope I never have a chance to use it.

This was a difficult week at home. Our house was without power for three days, and the church became a Red Cross shelter. Fortunately, power has been restored at home. Sheri, Rachael, and the menagerie has moved back in. I know that they are glad to be home; I will be too.

2 thoughts on “Combat Lifesaver Training”

  1. We were without power for about 40 hours at the McHouse in Shawnee. There are still many friends without power and the tree damage is terrible. OBU had the most tree damage in years. For the first time we can remember, the graduates did not get to have “the walk” across campus to Raley Chapel. However, OBU kept power except for a few periods, and was able to give finals pretty much on schedule. OU however canceled all their December graduation ceremonies. There are VERY light snow flurries this morning–hope they fizzle out!

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