I think we’re all getting tired. I know I am. In the old days (that’s back when I first joined the Army, 24 years ago), everyone had a countdown, or short-timer’s, calendar. It was a way to keep a running count of how many days you had left in a tour, enlistment, prison-sentence, etc. Some things never change, they just evolve technologically. Now, everyone keeps a spreadsheet that tracks the number of remaining days automatically. That’s how I know that I only have 29 days left before I sign out for leave.

Of course, the spreadsheet also makes it easy to keep track of data that we’re better off not knowing. For instance, it’s been 227 days since we left home, and 176 days without a day off. Those numbers aren’t the most important, though. The two most important numbers are the number of people we brought over here and the number of people that we will take back. As long as those two numbers are the same, everything will be fine.

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