I was surprised to open my trailer door Friday morning and see snow. I never expected to see snow in Baghdad. Evidently, it was the first snow in a century. All the Americans were walking around singing “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” or some variation. The Iraqis were just staring. Some of the Iraqis didn’t have a word for it; they just called it “white rain.” People spoke of it being a sign from God, but I never could find out what they thought it signified. I tried to explain that it couldn’t be a sign if it didn’t signify something, but I’m not sure they were interested in the philosophical issues.

I’ve been giving suicide prevention briefings to everyone in the battalion. The suicide rate in the Army is now the highest it has been in at least twenty years. It’s a difficult time for everyone. I have one more company to brief, and they are located in the Green Zone. I’ll travel there, talk with them, then come back to sign out on leave. I should be home this time next week. That will be the Christmas present that I really wanted this year.

4 thoughts on “Snow”

  1. well Rhonda has tenaciously pulled it off yet again( the Woman is made of cast iron) She will heal at the incision site for 4-6 weeks then the radiologist will zap the site of the continuing problem in hopes of wiping out any future problems-Then if needed a round or two of chemo-therapy they will schedule that later. The surgeon was very upbeat on the sugery aspect, but is incouraging the oncologisrt to be relentless in his approach to thearpy. more later, mark

  2. I saw your beautiful wife today and beautiful Jodi! It was time for them to receive a little
    “SUS” (Sudden Unexpected Surprise). Sounds like they will be much better next week; although, I believe we should all be very proud of them.
    Started my classes again yesterday – I’m getting there – enjoying school very much. I even took Algebra – can you imagine? The ole’ Grandmother brain is still working in some respects. Enjoy your travel! I know two ladies ready to see your smiling face!
    More later – Cheryl

  3. We are excited to have you come back!! Whenever you get back to campus, I might come look you up and ask a few questions about Army life. I have been talking with a recruiter for a couple of weeks. Godspeed, Dr. Ridenour.

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