Mustache Month

A group of my soldiers declared February to be “Mustache Month.” They all grew mustaches, some fairly impressive, and others decidedly less so. They will shave them tomorrow, March 1. This morning, they gathered for a picture and a small ceremony. For some reason, they asked me if I would say a few words on this solemn occasion.

So, what does one say to mark the passing of a mustache? You can leave your thoughts in a comment if you like. Here is what I said:

“In the book of Joshua, we read about how God miraculously enabled the Israelites to cross the Jordan river. After the crossing, Joshua instructed them to gather some stones and build a memorial. He said that, in the future, when their children would ask what the stones meant, they were to tell them about how God had delivered them.

In the same way, in the years to come, when your kids see this photograph and ask ‘Dad, who are all these people with these really bad mustaches?’ You can tell them about some hard times, some good times, but most of all, about some of the best people that you ever knew.  May God bless you all.”

I have to say something tomorrow for the shaving ceremony. Any thoughts?

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