It was a beautiful early spring day in Baghdad today. The high was only 99. Fortunately, we’ll be long gone before it gets in the 120’s. On a recent trip, I made it within two miles of the ruins of ancient Babylon. Unfortunately, it was too dangerous to visit the ruins. Tradition maintains that the house that Abraham lived in before he left on his journey of faith is at Tallil, which is in southeastern Iraq. One of the sergeants and I are trying to concoct a justification for a trip down there. It’s unlikely to happen, though.

Maybe I should just concentrate on going home.

4 thoughts on “Spring”

  1. We miss you at OBU and will look forward to seeing you. My advise is to concentrate on staying safe so that you can come home. Keep your proverbial chin up knowing that people miss you here but keep your physical body low.
    If Baghdad was ONLY 99, I would feel like I would be at home in MS, but how dry is it?

  2. The humidity is not bad. It’s around 50%. It’s a bit higher here than in some other places in the Mideast. We have a lot of artificial lakes here that Saddam built on the compound, and the Tigris river is nearby. Still, when I looked on the weather, the humidity in OKC was 88% (I think it was storming) and Jackson, MS was 68%. That makes this relatively dry. The real low humidity is down in Kuwait. I’ll be there in a couple of weeks.

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