Near the End

We have made it to our last full week in Iraq. I was never very interested in prophecy about the future, but lately I have been thinking a lot about eschatology, or the study of last things. Today, I thought about the last time I will change the sheets on the bed here, or the last time I do a PT run down “Sniper Alley.” I wonder if today is the last time that the rockets come in, but given the way things are in Basra right now, I somehow doubt it. I did start working on my last sermon today, titled “Lessons from my Babylonian Exile.” When I figure out what those lessons are, I’ll let you know. 

One thought on “Near the End”

  1. PT runs down sniper alley? Jon Stewart said last night it hardly seems like a race if you’re running for your life.

    By the way, in my eschatology, you definitely make it home.

    Safe travels and see you soon.

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