Family Sharing for Mac Apps

My wife and I were sharing the same Apple ID, mine, for the app store, iTunes, etc. With the advent of Apple Music, I decided that a move to family sharing would be best, I didn’t think she’d fully appreciate the recommendations of playlists filled with psychedelic rock from the 60’s.

A couple of weeks later, I finally convinced my wife to start using a password manager, and having already purchased 1Password from the App Store, I decided to take advantage of family sharing. I opened the App Store on her iMac, searched for 1Password, and was disappointed to see the price, rather than the simple install button that I expected, even though 1Password is eligible for family sharing.

After many minutes, I noticed a dropdown menu under “Purchased” labelled “My Purchases.” Using that menu allows you to see and install eligible apps purchased by members of your family.