The Perfect Church

A prayer for those searching for the perfect church:

Lord Jesus,

We move from
church to church,
searching for one
that meets our needs,
one that is perfect
for people like us.

But what do we hope to find?
A church filled
with perfect people?
People who have no faults,
who speak no unkind words,
who never hurt one another,
and never have regrets?

A perfect church, indeed,
but a church with no place
for one like me,
a broken spirit
who needs
and mercy.

And so, I bow in prayer,
to ask for a church
filled with those
who are broken and flawed,
hurting and in sorrow,
who are there because
they know that together,
with you,
they can find
grace and mercy,
healing, and hope
in that place
they call their church.

Then I open my eyes
to find that my prayer
has already been answered.

Thank you, Lord,
for leading me home.