Free Shows in the Hospital

The RN today told me a story about a 90 year old man he was supposed to take down the hall in the hospital. The man got out of bed himself and started walking down the hall in his hospital gown. The nurse ran up to him and said “Your back door is open!” The man replied, “That’s why there’s a pocket on the gown – for all the tips.”

I won’t discuss the situation today that prompted his telling me that story though.

Insurance Update

I feel a bit better today after a close reading of both the Aetna and the AFLAC policies. It seems that Aetna just wants to know if there are any other policies that could provide coverage. Why they want to know that now, but didn’t earlier, I have no idea.

So, I am hopeful – but I’ll know when I call tomorrow.

UPDATE: I gave the Aetna representative the number for our AFLAC policy – she confirmed that Aetna was primary and AFLAC secondary, and told me that the claims would be resubmitted. Sometimes, things go well, even when dealing with insurance.