Good Friday

Even though I fear the answer,
I must still ask the question
that was posed
by the one who betrayed the Lord.

“Am I the one?”

Am I the one who
sat in the comfort
of the palace of the High Priest
to plot your death
because you were a threat
to my religious authority?

Am I the one who
from the confines of another palace
washed my hands of you,
preferring instead the
power and prestige
of my position?

Or am I the one
who denied any
knowledge of you,
fearing what might happen
if I should follow you to the cross?

Might I be the one
full of sorrow,
but devoid of hope,
who wept in your presence,
and watched you die?

On this day,
Lord Jesus,
We are all of these.

Put in our hands a crown of thorns,
and show us again what Love can make
with two pieces of wood and a few nails.

Christ have mercy on us,