Prayer for the Fourth Sunday of Advent

Ordination Prayer

No Democrat Voted for What?

Ethics of War Handout

Moltmann on Peace

Prayer for Times of Grief

When the Idols are Destroyed

Study Guide for Exam 2

The Burden of Freedom

Do Not Be Daunted

In Offense, Giving Thanks

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Be the Body of Christ

A Prayer for My Failing Faith

A New School Year

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Publishing to Jekyll with Editorial on iOS

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The Betrayer

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The Lamb of God

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Obama's Economic Record

Usury in Oklahoma

Voices of the Marginalized

Brueggemann on the Crisis in the Church

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Prayer for the Silenced

Political Engagement — a Prayer

Prayer for the Fight

Prayer in Times of Change

Nietzsche on Military Buildup

The Sin of Ambivalence

Disagreement and Being Wrong

Prayer for the New Year



Christmas Prayer

Christmas Communion Liturgy

Prayer for Avent 4

The Offensive Jesus

The Frailty of Love

The Rise of Fake News

Prayer of Hope

Gratitude Over Despair

On Christian Unity

Housman on Thought

To Love or Die

Hands that Crucify

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Vonnegut on the Presidency

After the Election — Love

The Idol of the Poll

Interesting Times

Prayer for All Saints Day

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The Silent Jesus

Confirmation Bias and the Clinton Foundation

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Planting a Tree

Race, Police Shooting, and Probability

The Eyes of Faith

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The Ballad of Mitch Randall

Friends in the Darkness

Benediction for 22 Shenanigans

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Let Me Be Known

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A Wedding Prayer and Blessing

Should the Church Bear the Welfare Burden?

Prayer After a Tragic Week

Automating Jekyll with Fish

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To Love People As They Are

The Real Mover

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Prayer for the Twenty-Two

Don't Be Afraid

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Formatting Poetry

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Reconciliation and Hope

Prayer for Our Fears

Prayer for Pentecost

A Mother's Day Prayer

Prayer for Freedom

For Those Who Are Labeled

Prayer for a Busy Week

The Fear of Risk

Venn Diagrams with LaTeX and TikZ

A Baptism Prayer

Ignorance is Easy

Thomas the Faithful

Holy Saturday

Prayer for Good Friday

Prayer for Maundy Thursday

Prayer for Palm Sunday

Rejecting Exclusion

Faith and Power

Girard on Blame and Innocence

Prayer for the Desert

Truth, Beauty, and Peace

Prayer for New Life

The Ashes of Our Idols

Syntax Highlighting Test

Prayer for Ash Wednesday

Outside the Beautiful Gate

The Body Just Quits

Strength and Wisdom

Gifts Both Great and Small

Dancing Before God

Prayer Before Traveling

Prayer for the New Year


Buechner on Compassion

Prayer for the Fourth Sunday of Advent

Prayer for the Joy of Advent

The Idol of Security

Religion and Culture

Prayer of Hope

Thanksgiving Prayer

Prayer for My Pettiness

A Prayerful Response

LaTeX-Skim Sync

To Dance Without Care

Prayer for All Saints Day

Reformation Day Prayer

Mistaken Priorities

For the Moments of Darkness

What Are You Afraid Of?

Prayer for a Unified Church

Gun Violence — A Prayer

Using Marked with Emacs

The Perfect Church

Dostoevsky on Hell

The Planted Church

No Innocence

Big-Haired Preachers

Hiding in God's Own Sanctuary

A Franciscan Blessing

The Water of Life

Seeking Humility

The Fabric of Our Lives

Go to Your Pastor for Depression?

Mercurial HGIgnore File

The Day is Short

Prayer for Sabbath

Blogging with Sublime Text

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Pie in the Sky

Living in the Moment

Suscipe of St. Ignatius

A Glimpse of Beauty

The Gift of This Day

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Prayer for the Kingdom

Courage for Transformation

Strength Enough?

Open Dired From Shell

Religious Liberty Sunday, 2015

Guns, Cakes, and Gay Weddings

Between Love and Hate

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Happy Birthday, Sheri!

The Vanity of Our Hope

To America

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Evil and Perception

Our Lives as Art



Lives are Stories — A Prayer

The Deception of Power

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Prayer for Trinity Sunday

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Love as Art

Prayer for Memorial Day, 2015

In Praise of an Unsafe Education

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Visit to a National Cemetery

Prayer for an Isolated People

Stories and Community

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Unexpected Grace

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Prayer for Silence

Dostoevsky, Suffering, and the Prayer for the Week

Resurrection and Hope

Easter Prayer

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Good Friday Prayer

Maundy Thursday 2015

Triumph Over Democracy

Palm Sunday 2015

The Cross-Shattered Christ, Chapter 5

The Cross-Shattered Christ, Chapter 4

Prayer for Lent 5

Prayer for Lent 4

The Cross-Shattered Christ, Chapter 3

Santayana on Fanaticism

Wonder and Concepts

Prayer for Lent 3

Apostolic Living

The Cross-Shattered Christ, Chapter 2

Definition of 'Lawyer'

Prayer for Lent 2

Ice-T and Politics

Prayer for Lent 1

The Cross Shattered Christ, Chapter 1

The Danger of Thinking

Ash Wednesday Prayer

Transfiguration Sunday Prayer

Poem for my Valentine

Prayer for a Life that Affirms

Advice for Those About to be Tested

The Fine Line

Prayer for Epiphany 4

Faith and Doubt

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Can't Fix Stupid

Who is the Sparrow?

Relativism and the Rights of Women in Afghanistan

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Christmas Prayer

The Duty of A Philosopher

Who Is My Enemy?

Stay Awake

Creating God in Our Own Image

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The Second Sunday of Easter

the Third Sunday of Easter

The Fourth Sunday of Easter

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Immersed in Love

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Sadly So Often True

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For Sheri

The Third Sunday After Pentecost

Thoughts on Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby

Mercy, the Law, and Les Miserables

the Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

The Fifth Sunday After Pentecost

Hard Thinking

A Parent's Love

The Seventh Sunday After Pentecost

Links in Army Enterprise Email

The Ninth Sunday After Pentecost

Talking About Suicide

The Tenth Sunday After Pentecost

MH17 and Gaza

The Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost

The Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost

For Losses Endured

The Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost

The Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost

The Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost

The Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost

The Seventeenth Sunday After Pentecost

The Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost

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The Chains of Technology

Twenty-First Sunday After Pentecost

Twenty-Second Sunday After Pentecost

Twenty-Third Sunday After Pentecost

Textbooks for Spring 2015

Christ the King Sunday

Thanksgiving Day Prayer

Go Into the Fray

Muffin Top of Hate

Love and Attention

Badass Philosophers

Third Sunday of Advent

For Those Who Help Us Grow

Fourth Sunday of Advent

A Christmas Poem

A Prayer for Wellness

Epiphany Sunday




Augustine on Humility

Bob Feller (1918-2010)

The Rebel Mary

Perfect Christianity

If you could have only one thing for Christmas

Vanier on Love

Ethics Without Borders

A Chaplain's Ultimate Sacrifice

The Need for Community

On Not Understanding Prayer


Star Wars

Descartes First Edition


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God in Our Lives

Perfection in Weakness

Baptist Millenials

The Christian Literary Underground

Talk or Talk About

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Brief Habits as the Key to Living Forever


Why Believe?

Did I Miss Anything?

De Unamuno on Arguments

Greatest Beatles Songs?

A Mosque in NYC

Advice for Christian Politicians

Thomas More on Labor

Even Preachers


Merton on Scripture

What's so funny?

Bruised for the Gospel

Pizza Dude Ethics

Messianic Delusions

Cognitive Biases Song

Another Great Quote from Chaplain School

Visit to Ft. Moultrie

Great Quote From Chaplain School

Back When I Could Run

English Only

If You Like Bugs...


The Happiness of Deep Conversations

Proverbs 31:8

National Procrastination Week

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The Luxury of Cheap Melancholy

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Tradition and Bad Tradition

The Jane Austen Specials

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Epictetus on Learning

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