Prayer for Lent 4

The best sermons open our eyes to present realities, give us hope for a future in the Kingdom, and challenge us to move forward into that future. Yesterday’s sermon by Mitch Randall​ at NorthHaven Church​ was certainly one of those. Here is the prayer for the week:

God of Justice,

In 1961,
the Freedom Riders
were beaten with pipes
after their bus was bombed
in a terrorist act.

I, Lord, would never
have swung a pipe in anger.

Fifty-four years later,
those on another bus
shout ugly chants to
reinforce a false
sense of superiority.

I, Lord, would have refused
to utter the reprehensible words.

Instead, Lord,
I am the one
who stands in silence,
and does nothing,
but enables everything.

Lord have mercy
on my